​Moscow Broadcaster Moves HD With Dalet Galaxy Five

Moscow-based station ТВ Центр (TV Centre) will upgrade its media operation to the new Dalet Galaxy five MAM, for a multiplatform distribution workflow.

Dalet customer since 2006, TV Centre is a state-run Russia TV station with the fourth largest coverage in Russia after Dalet-powered broadcasters Channel One, Russia-1 and NTV. Dedicated to programming that highlights various aspects of the Capital life, the channel airs nationally and is also broadcasted outside of Russian territory.

Facilitating TV Centre newsroom and program media needs from ingest to delivery, the initial Dalet installation featured the Dalet MAM with end-to-end news production, NCRS and playout for the newsroom.

TV Centre will now move into HD production and delivery with the ability to support higher resolutions in the future. The broadcaster will also leverage the new Dalet Galaxy five Social Media Framework capabilities to streamline its news content supply chain and expand its audience reach, outputting to social channels. In addition to advancing its social media initiatives, the broadcaster will also be able to integrate its digital platform to its CMS for rapid publishing of news online. Completing the upgrade will be full integration of TV Centre Archives.

“The operational goal driving the upgrade to Dalet Galaxy five was our transition to the HD and AVC Intra as our mezzanine format,” explains Alexey Brusnitsky, technical director, TV Centre. “However, this move is much more than a technical uplift and there is a bigger strategic picture at play for us at TV Centre. We also wanted to take advantage of the migration to evolve our operation and meet the changing demands of our audience as well as enable future technologies.”

“The Galaxy five API integrations are also very appealing for TV Centre specifically for their archives,” explains Johann Zemmour, general manager Dalet EMEA and APAC. “Connecting the archives into the workflow will give them a fluid, connected movement of content from ingest to playout to archive. Further, Galaxy five will give them the ability to employ IMF workflows in the future utilizing the Dalet AmberFin media processing platform and the Dalet Workflow Engine. The ease with which TV Centre has been able to advance its production and distribution capabilities while integrating a range of in-house systems underlines just how robust and flexible Dalet Galaxy five is as a platform in which you can evolve the operation and maximize your ROI.”

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