IABM 2018 Annual International Business Conference & Awards

The 2018 IABM Annual International Business Conference & Awards will bring together more than 300 leading broadcast and media companies and the world’s best technology suppliers in an effort to chart the future success of this industry.

The event is scheduled for December 6-7, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, Birmingham UK. A key feature of this year's conference will be the quick-fire content that will tackle cutting-edge issues which are crucial to the industry's future delivered by expert and entertaining speakers. Scheduled presenters include, Linda Davidson (Director of Digital Products at the Jamie Oliver Group), Vaughn McKenzie-Landell (Founder and CEO at JAAK), and Barry Flannigan (Chief Product Officer at COPA90). 

Event highlights will include: 

AI Hackfest, two developer teams will compete for 24 hours to create an innovative AI cloud solution. Each team will be a mix of media companies and vendors. 

Real world case studies, showcasing how sports networks and systems integrators are delivering projects by working cooperatively.

AI and Blockchain, presenters will highlight real-world innovation and use cases. 

Audience interactive session, come, learn and participate in a focused discussion on the future for suppliers and customer expectations.

The IABM 'Meet the Customers' Event will enable attendees to make more new contacts in one morning than some people do in an entire year. Attendees can connect and develop new partnerships to grow their business' by collaborating with buyers who are actively seeking solutions.

Four key technology buyers will present information about upcoming projects, technology needs and the issues they face. Attendees will be able to better understand and conceptualize how new technology can help them solve similar challenges.

Conference visitors will be able to participate in an intensive session of two-minute mini-meetings. The encounters will be held in an informal environment, providing each person the opportunity to sit with each buyer for two minutes and build relationships.

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