UK’s Intergence Selects Custom Consoles For New NOC

Custom Consoles has supplied several of its height-adjustable technical desks and display screen supports for Intergence Systems Ltd, a IT managed services company. The project comprised seven SystemTwoLite desks, a dual MediaPost and single MediaPost display screen supports plus 10 desk-mounting computer screen support arms. These were assembled on site in the Network Operations Centre at Intergence’s Cambridge headquarters.

Intergence CTO David Poulton said that the desks have proved to be a good choice for them, as some of its staff is very tall. Each Custom Consoles desk is finished in white Thermofoil and fitted with one or more Ergotron LX monitor supports. These allow fine adjustment of screen display height, tilt and lateral angle. Larger screens for shared viewing in the NOC are mounted on the Media Posts, which were chosen both for their strength and versatility as well as their clean design.

Originally developed for use in edit suites and graphics areas, SystemTwoLite is a rectangular single-surface desk with dual electrically powered height adjustment from 660 to 1200 mm. This gives operators the choice of working while seated or standing. Lift load is 200 kg. The desk incorporates a 180 cm wide by 80 cm deep worktop fitted with three monitor arm mounting points. Five mains outlets, a USB hub and an optional RJ45 outlet panel are mounted on the rear of the cable box.

SystemTwo and SystemTwoLite have been tested by FIRA and certified to meet ISO9241, ISO11064 Parts 3 and 4 EN527 Part 1 safety standards. Options in the SystemTwo product range include a 180 x 55 cm rear desk with electrically powered independent height adjustment, a 58 x 71 cm side pedestal, a 3U under-shelf equipment pod and a 61 x 81 cm 27 U bay. SystemTwo worktops are built on an MDF base with a choice of surface finishes. Supporting legs and crossbar are made of heavy-duty steel with a choice of surface color and texture.

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