Simplylive Unveils Compact Version Of ViBox Production Platform

Simplylive has released a compact and lower cost version of its field proven ViBox production server platform, called ViBox Micro, which is designed for single camera production, independent videographers and production companies looking for a last-minute backup system. ViBox Micro offers many of the same features as the larger ViBox server, in a smaller (1RU) chassis.

The company said the smaller form factor server does not compromise on quality. This single input and single output (HD-SDI) server includes VC-3 120/145 internal recording, video transitions with or without graphics and full audio mixing capability with extensive DSP processing.The Micro offers the same 4 layers of keyable graphics from internal and/or external live graphics sources through NDI.

The Simplylive ViBox interface has been optimized for lower scale applications and allows an operator to quickly setup and master the system to produce professional programming. All features are concentrated in a clear and simple to use touchscreen interface that even new users can learn to operate in minutes.

ViBox Micro also features high-resolution record and playback, allowing the creation of clips or highlights from the live feed to be added to the program or exported to digital storage.It also features live streaming capability, so you can use ViBox Micro for broadcast as well as for digital production to various platforms.

Employing the ViBox Micro as an emergency backup tool allows users to ingest the clean switched router feed with audio and commentary to maintain the core requirements that keep programs on air. The router preserves the cutting of camera angles into the ViBox Micro where the production can be maintained with keyed graphics, replays and highlights and playback of any pre-produced content. The ViBox Micro joins Simplylive’s range of ViBox products, which now includes a single camera, one user platform all the way to a full system for 12-camera, multi-user productions.

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