RØDE Introduces the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Console

RØDE has introduced the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Console, a fully integrated podcast production studio with a new level of features designed to replicate the radio station experience for podcasters.

With the popularity and number of podcasts increasing on a daily basis, RØDE said it saw an opportunity to come up with an easy to use and affordable mini console for users creating their own podcasts.

The RØDECaster Pro features four high-quality phantom-powered microphone channels. Users can quickly connect microphones for participants with an automatic level setting and then do one-touch recording to a built-in microSD card. The console can also connect to a computer via USB and used as a USB audio interface. Recordings of podcasts can be made to the user’s preferred recording software.

Rear panel.

Rear panel.

RØDE breaks new ground with telephone interviews through either Skype, FaceTime or a phone call. With the RØDECaster Pro, connect a cell phone to the console via Bluetooth or with a TRRS cable. The board automatically provides “mix-minus” audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller, without the need to purchase dedicated, costly hardware.

The board comes with eight programmable sound effects pads, for instant triggering of sound effects, music, jingles, applause and even ads. Users can record audio directly to the programmable pads from any input, or simply “drag and drop” files from a computer using supplied software. Users can select favorite colors for the pad illumination buttons. This is a nice easy way to remember which effect is which without having to physically label them.

Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth connection.

The pristine mic preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry. RØDE said the Class A preamps provide a much cleaner gain structure with lower levels of distortion, providing a very clean, low-noise signal. The preamps are also servo-biased and are said to keep distortion levels low.

The signal can also be enhanced with the use of audio processors, APHEX Aural Exciter and APHEX Big Bottom. These have been incorporated in the audio processing section of the RØDECaster Pro, and produce sound with rich, warm tone only found in professional studios. The console also features multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

RØDE has said that the RØDECaster Pro will be available in December for $599.

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