sE Electronics Introduces the DM1 Dynamite Active Inline Mic Preamp

After years of industry domination by Cloud Audio’s Cloudlifter, sE Electronics is offering a competing inline mic level booster at a lower price: the DM1 Dynamite.

The sE Electronics DM1 Dynamite, priced at $99, is an active in-line preamp that boosts the signal level of passive ribbon and dynamic mics by 28dB. Inserted between the mic and preamp, the DM1 will also reduce the possibility of interference without any added noise or coloration.

With a Class A circuit and high-grade FETs, the DM1 boasts gain always a consistent 28dB regardless of the connected load. The DM1's output impedance is also the lowest in its class, allowing it to drive long cable runs while reducing susceptibility to RF interference, buzz and hum.

For optimum results, sE Electronics recommends a short cable between the mic and preamp. The device requires passive microphones (ribbon/dynamic) and 48V phantom power. It is not for use with phantom-powered microphones (condenser or active ribbons).

It has a gold-plated XLR connector for loss-free signal connection. Uses slim, roadworthy all-metal housing, which provides efficient rejection of electrical interference and noise.

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