New 17-inch Production Monitor From Marshall Electronics

Marshall Electronics continues to expand its range of production monitors with the introduction of a new 17.3-inch version that includes internal HDMI/HDSDI signal conversion.

The Marshall V-LCD173HR features a 6RU design with built-in histogram, peaking, false color, exposure, and adjustable safety markers. It can also monitor up to two audio channels. It features a 17.3-inch display in native (1080 x 1920) HD resolution and features both HDMI and HDSDI inputs and outputs. The monitor comes with rack ears for rack mounting, with optional VESA mount for desktop use.

The V-LCD173HR includes LED Tally lights, image flip ability, BNC connectors, and a headphone jack for monitoring two channels of audio.

Gary Carter, Product Manager at Marshall said that the V-LCD173HR offers “unprecedented value” for the price. It has versatile mounting options and is REC 709 compliant, so it can really find a home in any kind of production room.

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