Object Matrix Storage Hooked With TMD’s MAM

Object Matrix and TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) have partnered to integrate storage and asset management workflows.

Using the Object Matrix S3 Connect interface, users of TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) platform can access objects within their MatrixStore archive. The S3 Connect interface presents object storage vaults as if they were standard S3 buckets.

MatrixStore is described as a private hybrid cloud solution based on the object storage technology from Object Matrix. The firm’sS3 Connect and the S3 API provide a way to connect with the data in a MatrixStore. The integration with Mediaflex-UMS enables a seamless workflow from management to archive.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, for Object Matrix, commented: “As the demands on media companies evolve, the workflows become more complex than ever before. Enabling seamless integrated workflows is key to helping our customers continue to monetize their valuable content.”

Ben Cousens, Product Manager, TransMedia Dynamics, added: “Our customers are looking for ways to integrate with an easy-to-access storage solution but they don’t always have the budget for expensive cloud storage. This integration gives them the best of both worlds without the price tag.”

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