Dejero LIVE+ feeds Bahrain triathlon

Dejero’s LIVE+ mobile transmitters were used by New Zealand production company Kinetic Media to deliver live video coverage of the Challenge Bahrain triathlon in Bahrain.

“Traditional satellite or microwave transmission trucks aren't practical for covering outdoor events such as triathlons that take place over a wide area,” explained Richard Sutcliffe, producer, Kinetic Media. “To produce an exciting show, you need to put the camera operators right down in the action. The LIVE+ mobile transmitters provided the ideal alternative, enabling us to capture broadcast-quality live video from the course with much more immediacy, and for a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional capabilities.”

Kinetic Media deployed LIVE+ on two boats, one each for the men's and women's swimming course, and equipped four motorcycles with the devices for the lead and chase positions on the men's and women's running and cycling courses. Throughout the triathlon, LIVE+ transmitters used available cellular networks to transmit video feeds back to Kinetic Media's mobile production trucks. 

The transmitters were able to bond multiple cellular signals and automatically adapt to network conditions to ensure consistently high video quality at extremely low latency, according to Dejero.

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