Overheard at the Luau at SMPTE 2018

The attendees at Monday’s Symposium at SMPTE 2018 relaxed in the evening on the pool deck of the Westin Bonaventure hotel to the strains of Hawai’ian music, no ka ‘oi appetizers, and the swaying of some hula dancers (imported all the way from USC). Many shared their opinions of the day’s activities.

“I think one of the amazing things that came out of Monday’s Symposium is just the sheer size and scale of the opportunity around driverless cars. Intel was mentioning the potential of $7 trillion, so this is a market that media and entertainment is going to have to take more seriously in the future."
Dan Germain
"I really liked the presentation on 5G by the man from Ericsson. But I think the idea that people are going to travel around the world in an immersive bubble is not the way to go. I feel people want to be more involved with the environment around them. The big money applications will be those that let people communicate with other people."
Ralph Ortolano
"I am terribly disappointed that none of those autonomous cars had an in-dash microwave or in-dash refrigerator."
Tom Scott
“All of the new AV car technologies are pretty important for the business, and SMPTE helping to set standards will help them move forward.”
Phil Bernal
“People don’t understand why Google is so interested in autonomous cars, but when people are no longer spending their time driving, what are they going to do? They are going to shop, watch movies, go shopping. So I think that is where it’s headed.”
Ramon Breton
“I enjoyed the conversation about cars, but I guess they had to put it at the beginning of the conference because at the end of SMPTE 2018 it would have been a non sequitur. It’s really not in the wheelhouse of motion picture television and engineering.”
Rick Singer

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