Thai Broadcaster JKN Global Media Invests in Dalet Workflow Solution

JKN Global Media PCL Thailand (JKN) has invested in the Dalet Galaxy five Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration platform to optimize content production and delivery across traditional, OTT and social media distribution outlets.

The installation enables a comprehensive workflow transformation, taking the Thai-based media organization from manually managing assets to automated processes that optimize production and delivery efficiencies across the entire media operation.

Headquartered in Nakhon Pathom, JKN Global Media, together with its subsidiaries, is a content distributor and licensing management business. A large volume of JKN’s business is in the distribution of foreign language content to broadcasters, repackaging and dubbing this content into multiple languages in-house. It also plays out content to traditional and social platforms.

Moving from a legacy infrastructure that was characterized by pockets of content and asset management siloed across the facility, Dalet says JKN has unified all of its systems and content repositories under one platform. Dalet Galaxy five provides browser-based access to content and assigns migration policies so content flows through a consistent process. All assets are centralized and detailed metadata tracking allows JKN to optimize the content use. Enriched metadata also means that it can pinpoint assets for production and delivery to all distribution outlets with far more efficiency.

The full implementation of Dalet Galaxy five at JKN Global Media includes: Dalet Webspace for browser-based search and retrieval; AmberFin for transcoding; and Dalet Xtend for workflow collaboration between Galaxy, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid ProTools. There are further integrations with Aspera for accelerated file transfer and Vidchecker for QC. The Dalet platform integrates with JKN’s business management and content management systems, with the organization’s playout system, and with all major social media platforms for online publishing.

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