Tightrope Media Adds New Features to Media Platform Ver 6.5

Tightrope Media Systems has unveiled version 6.5 of the Cablecast Community Media platform, which is designed to help PEG broadcasters improve their online viewer experiences. The new update elevates the quality of VOD clips while providing new tools to help users measure the impact their content is making online.

Foremost amongst the enhancements by Tightrope Media are new adaptive bitrate options for VOD, enabling the publishing and distribution of on-demand content at full 1080p HD resolution through the Cablecast Pro VOD system and Cablecast Reflect cloud-based delivery service. 

Cablecast 6.5 VOD Views Reporting

Cablecast 6.5 VOD Views Reporting

VOD outputs at multiple resolutions and bit rates are created automatically for each clip by Cablecast Pro VOD, with adaptive bitrate streaming using the HLS protocol dynamically delivering the optimal version for each viewer’s Internet connection speed and device.

Helping community broadcasters gain insights into their audience’s online activities, version 6.5 adds seamless integration between Google Analytics and websites built on Cablecast’s dynamic, turnkey “public site” web publishing tools. 

The new integration lets customers track and analyse a wealth of information including overall site traffic and trends, visitor location, which pages are getting the most views, and how long visitors are staying on each page.

Further expanding the company's collection of online engagement tracking capabilities, version 6.5 extends the system’s rich reporting functionality to include VOD metrics data. Reports can be broken down by category or individual programs, indicating how many times each show has been viewed online.

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