Pluto TV picks Tru Optik for OTT targeted advertising

US online TV service Pluto TV has opted for Tru Optik to deliver audience-based advertising and campaign measurement across its OTT and connected TV inventory.

The deal gives Pluto TV ability to offer its advertising customers precision audience targeting, validation and measurement so that they can reach consumers on the basis of age, gender or customized segments.

This will help satisfy growing calls from advertisers for more precise targeting that exploits the one to one relationships OTT enables, according to Rich Calacci, chief revenue officer, Pluto TV. “Pluto TV has received unprecedented demand from national advertisers striving to reach cord cutters and cord shavers,” said Calacci. “As a result of this alliance, our entire viewable inventory has increased in value and effectiveness at reaching specific audiences via data-led direct sales efforts and, at the same time, Tru Optik’s household-level targeting options will seek to reduce duplication and increase yield for all of our programmatic sales channels.”

The precision audience targeting, validation and measurement is enabled by Tru Optik’s OTT Marketing Cloud, which is mapped to over 75 million US homes. The ability to define customized segments enables targeting on the basis of more advanced audience characteristics covering different advertising “verticals” including demographic, auto, finance, CPG (consumer packaged goods), entertainment and travel. Such segments can be combined with an advertiser’s own first party data.

Furthermore, direct advertisers can access daily OTT analytics to measure unique household reach and frequency via Tru Optik’s CAV (Cross Screen Audience Validation) package. This can provide advertisers with post impression measurement including how many unique households they are reaching and how many times households viewed ads. It can also detect where the ads are being served or seen and what percentage of the audience and impressions were in-target.

Tru Optik is a start-up based in Stamford, Connecticut, US, founded in 2013 with $5.5 million raised so far. It claims to have developed the only audience measurement and data management platform built for and dedicated just to OTT video services.

Its deal with Tru Optik comes just after Pluto TV entered Europe by launching on Sky’s Now TV platform in the UK. This was not so unexpected given that Sky has been an investor in Pluto TV since 2014 and has itself pioneered addressable advertising within its main satellite service through its AdSmart service. This allows ads to be selected for households watching the same programme based on factors such as age, location, life style or what pets they have. This uses data derived from a combination of Sky’s own customers and information from consumer profiler specialists such as Experian. With Pluto TV on its standalone OTT service Now TV, Sky hopes to offer advertisers increased scope to target digital first viewers not reached readily via classic TV advertising.

In the UK, Pluto TV’s initial mix of content includes contains original Pluto TV branded channels – including Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Kids, Pluto TV Fight, Pluto TV Explore. It is also carrying branded channels like Xive TV, World Poker Tour and Mystery Science Theater 3000, which is available exclusively in Europe via Pluto TV.

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