Foxtel Airs Australian Auto Race in 4K with Fujinon

In an Australian broadcast first, Supercars and Foxtel aired the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 in 4K, making it the first sport in Australia to be televised at the ultra-high resolution. In a production involving 28 native 4K cameras deployed around the track, every lens used for the broadcast was a Fujinon 4K lens.

Broadcast rental and services company, Gearhouse Broadcast, and Supercars arranged with Fujifilm to supply the Fujinon lenses. The huge variety of shots required to deliver the broadcast from 28 native 4K cameras required a variety of lenses including a combination of 4K Fujinon UA80, UA107, UA22, UA24 and UA13 box lenses, 22x standard lenses and wide lenses.

It what was a challenging shoot Supercars Media and Gearhouse needed the variety of lens lengths to cover every angle of the Mount Panorama Circuit from the famous Bathurst mountain at wide angle on jibs, to 107x for the long shots to the infamous Conrod Straight.

This year’s Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 race was won by Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards and broadcast live in 4K on Foxtel’s new 4K channel, 444.  

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