DigitalGlue Presents ‘Breathtaking’ Storage Solutions is described as “an entirely new concept in media storage” for featuring a high-speed, high-capacity platform with 24/7 monitoring, technical support and next-day repairs - all for fixed monthly rate.

Makers DigitalGlue offer the lot as an On-Premise Managed Storage (OPMS) service.

“We are extremely excited to bring to the NAB Show NY and speak directly with attendees about how it delivers superior performance at lower than cloud prices and allows collaboration without compromise,” says Tim Anderson, DigitalGlue CEO/CTO. “With the demand for 4K, HDR, and IMF delivery, VFX and finishing houses are left with few options that provide the performance, scale and affordability needed to provide high-quality content on-time and on budget., and particularly the Breathless system, addresses the needs of creative and technical professionals within the broadcast and post production space who are in need of innovative and cost-effective storage solutions. It provides the hardware necessary to eliminate the bottlenecks that cause delays, stretch budgets and lower the overall quality of the production.”

The Breathless server targets post production and VFX. Capable of handling uncompressed workflows using JPEG2000, DPX and multi-channel OpenEXR, the appliance features a 36-bay all-flash NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drive in a 1U form factor with the claimed capability to deliver 10 million random read IOPS of storage performance. The system will be shown in New York with 4TB NVMe SSDs, however a 16TB version will be introduced later this year, allowing 576 TB of Flash storage to fit in 1 RU.

Other systems in the platform, include: the Auteur which starts out with 120TB Raw capacity across 12 drives in a 24-bay 4 RU chassis; Deux Ex, a hybrid NVMe SSD and HDD media storage solution built for uncompressed high-resolution workflows and Rogue - a portable system that is an easy entry point for small teams.

Montage, coming soon, features 60 drives in 4-RUs (up to 720TB) “for those who need serious capacity and consider scalability a top priority.”

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