ChyronHego Creates All-In-One NRCS Solution for OTT Platforms

New means of distributing TV and video channels have led some developers to reassess many of the established aspects of broadcast production. Among these is the critical areas of news, with ChyronHego using IBC 2018 to launch a newsroom system aimed squarely at OTT programme making and distribution.

Vidigo News is described as an all-in-one NRCS that uses several existing ChyronHego devices to create an integrated package that can be operated by one person. Vidigo Live Compositor live multi-camera production software is integrated with the LyricX graphics/playout and Live Assist automation systems, all controlled through a bespoke user interface comprising Live Assist Panels.

The system includes the main components of a conventional broadcast set-up, with a video switcher that can be scaled between four, eight and 12 inputs, an audio mixing desk, a video effects console, clip players and a controller for robotic cameras. Vidigo News can also be connected to ChyronHego's CAMIO MOS gateway and asset management system, which provides templates for the main newsroom functions and creates a combined production chain.

ChyronHego claims that Vidigo News has been designed to "strip away complex layers of technology" and allow producers and journalists to concentrate on stories and bulletins for OTT platforms in the same way as for conventional broadcast outlets. The software-based system is intended to produce running orders, with details of camera moves, clips, MEs, audio mixes and graphics. The resulting material is then encoded through a seperate processor for live streaming to a variety of platforms and social media services, including Facebook Live and YouTube.

The new system is available in two types: Vidigo News Basic, offering one pre-configured Live Assist panel, two H.264 IP outputs, two clip players and straightforward Lyric authoring capability; and Vidigo News Advanced, with two Live Assist panels that are also pre-configured but have the flexibility to be customised, two SDI outputs as well as two H.264 IP outputs, four clip players and more sophisticated Lyric tools.

The Live Assist panels are based on HTML 5 and allow a number of operators to run the switcher, as well as managing footage through a standard Web browser. VidigoNews also has a remote control option through a Chrome browser. This has been designed to operate with low delay so that packages can be turned round quickly, with one person able to run a number of systems at the same time.

Explaining the reasons for developing Vidigo News, Boromy Ung, chief product officer of ChyronHego, said, "Like broadcasters everywhere, our customers are being challenged to create tremendous volumes of content and deliver it not only to linear channels but to all types of OTT outlets, including social media. At the same time, many broadcasters simply don't have the budget to add a second, full-blown infrastructure to produce broadcast quality OTT content. Vidigo News enables them to expand their presence with new media audiences and deliver high impact content faster and easier."

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