64 Audio Introduces N8 Customizable In-Ear Audio Monitor

Designed for critical audiophiles and designed in collaboration with Grammy-nominated musician Nathan East, 64 Audio’s N8 is a hybrid in-ear design that uses a nine millimeter dynamic driver for the lows and eight balanced armature drivers for the midrange and highs.

64 Audio said the N8 audio monitor includes its tia, apex and LID technologies.

Tia (tubeless in-ear audio) technology eschews traditional tubes and dampers while apex (air pressure exchange) technology is a pneumatically interactive vent that reduces listening fatigue by releasing sound pressure inherent in other earphone designs. 3D Fit is 64 Audio’s proprietary 3D shell printing process used to create a personalized fit.

Also featured is LID technology, ensuring the N8 maintains its sound signature regardless of the source. This feature is for users plugging into a variety of different equipment.

The N8 monitors are customizable and are hand-built from ear impressions. They are designed to work with a wide range of personal audio devices, as well as all hardwired and wireless monitor systems. N8 accessories include 64 Audio personalized protective case, dehumidifier, cleaning tool, shirt clip, 48- or 64-inch detachable professional cable, m15 or m20 apex modules, round sticker and a two-year warranty.

N8 monitors are shipping now, with a price of $1,699.

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