Panasonic Introduces Full-frame Mirrorless Cameras at Photokina - New Lens Alliance

Panasonic has launched a new series of mirrorless cameras with full frame sensors and the Leica L-mount. The first two cameras in the Lumix S-series are the S1R and S1. The S1R has a 47MPxl for resolution, and the S1 a 24MPxl sensor for sensitivity. Like the GH5 micro 4/3 cameras, the S1R/S1 are aimed at videographers and stills photographers alike. Both variants can capture 4K 60P/50P.

The cameras have with Dual I.S. image stabilisation enabling handheld shots for dark or distant scenes that would previously have required additional equipment. 

The body has two memory card slots for XQD memory cards and SD memory cards. The full specification for the cameras have not been released, and should be available in more detail before the global product release in early 2019. 

Panasonic will also expand its line-up of Lumix S Series compatible lenses, developing more than ten by 2020, including a 50mm/F1.4 prime lens, 24-105mm standard zoom lens, and 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens.

L-mount Alliance 

Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma announced their alliance in order to open up endless variations of camera-lens combinations based on the L-Mount developed by Leica Camera. The L-Mount will allow users to mix and match with any of the full-frame cameras and lenses across the new Lumix S Series.

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