MuxLab to Showcase New IP-based Uncompressed SMPTE ST-211 Gateway Converter

MuxLab will showcase its new IP-based Uncompressed Gateway Converter for SDI as well as an expanded range of other drop-down solutions at IBC 2018.

The MuxLab's new 3G-SDI/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (model 500767) connects HD- and 3G-SDI sources and displays to a local 10G Ethernet network. The solution enables sending multiple video sources to multiple displays in nearly any combination. 

Users can install this system in the traditional point-to-point way in which one AV source is delivered to one display using CAT5e/6 cable from up to 30m in distance or by using duplex multimode fiber cable at up to 400m in distance. All methods of signal extension support uncompressed resolutions up to [email protected]

When riding on a IP infrastructure, the entire system can be accessed and controlled by MuxLab’s Pro Digital Network Controller (model 500811), which vastly simplifies the configuration of IP-based systems and gives complete access from any smartphone, tablet or third-party control system.

MuxLab will also present its new 12G-SDI Fiber Extender Kit; delivers 12G-SDI up to 10km over one single-mode fiber cable at all specified bit rates. Digital video is delivered instantly in the type of point-to-point video transmission most often used within television broadcasting and film studios.

Other products on show include:

The HDMI over IP Uncompressed Extender, 4K/60; connects one or many sources to one or many displays through a 10G Ethernet switch. Sources and displays can be easily added or removed for flexibility. Resolutions are supported up to [email protected] and each source and display can be connected to the switch from up to 100m away. Integrators can create virtual splitter and matrix configurations. Both transmitter and receiver provide a 1G Ethernet port that connects additional network devices.

HDMI Audio Extractor with Dolby & DTS Downmixer

HDMI Audio Extractor with Dolby & DTS Downmixer

The HDMI Audio Extractor with Dolby & DTS Downmixer; delivers HDMI 2.0 video at resolutions up to [email protected] (4:4:4) to a local display. Digital Audio is extracted and down-mixed to deliver two channel analog audio using RCA L/R jacks. It works with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio or LPCM up to 7.1 channels.

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