Zaxcom Adds Internal ZaxNet Transmitter to Deva 24 

Zaxcom will demonstrate its new internal ZaxNet transmitter for Deva 24 at IBC.

ZaxNet is a 2.4 GHz RF signal that links Zaxcom audio recorders, mixers and wireless systems including IFB receivers into a single integrated production system. The internal feature is now a standard feature on Deva 24.

With ZaxNet, all Zaxcom wireless with internal recording can be instantly locked to the time code reference without the need to manually jam through a cable. Deva 24 connected wireless transmitters can replay its recorded audio in sync allowing a take to be rerecorded to eliminate RF dropouts or remixed for better artistic control.

The Zaxcom transmitter has a dedicated RF link to wireless bodypack transmitters with an operational distance of 200–500 feet making it the only remote-control system that works over the distances commonly required for production sound.

ZaxNet also features a sub-frame accurate time code reference eliminating the need for separate time code boxes when incorporating a Zaxcom ERX receiver. The ERX supplies both SMPTE time code and scratch track audio with a single receiver.

Deva 24’s functionality includes the ability to record 24 track audio, 16 analog inputs (12 that are mic or line level switchable), NeverClip preamps that offer a staggering 136 db of dynamic range, an integrated mixer with 12 rotary faders, simultaneous media recording and advanced features such as MixAhead.

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