Teradek Announce Integration with RED Digital Cinema at IBC

At IBC, Teradek introduced a range of new camera accessories including a wireless video module for RED DSCC2 cameras.

Teradek said the Bolt DSMC2 is a wireless video module for RED DSMC2 cameras, featuring zero-delay wireless technology. Bolt DSMC2 is the best option to keep camera clutter and weight off of a camera rig.

There are 500, 1000 and 3000 foot models. They are compatible with Bolt 500, 1000, 3000, XT and LT receivers, as well as Bolt Sidekick and SmallHD’s 703 Bolt. The module delivers 1080p60 video.

Teradek ACI

Teradek ACI

Also, Teradek announced ACI (Assistant Camera Interface) for the RED DSMC2 module that offers tactile button control functionality with an interface displayed on the module's LED screen. The module attaches seamlessly to the side of DSMC2 cameras so ACs and operators can make quick adjustments to camera parameters without disrupting the flow on set.

The company is adding two devices to the Teradek RT line of advanced lens control: the CTRL.1 single-axis controller and the MOTR.X superspeed motor.

CTRL.1 is a wireless lens controller with lens mapping overlays on SmallHD monitors. By connecting a CTRL.1 controller to a SmallHD monitor, focus pullers can view a variety of lens data overlays in real time, which mirror the actual position of the lens focus, iris or zoom.

MOTR.X operates with fast speed and solid torque while remaining totally silent. The brushless motor has 6x the service life of brushed motors and includes a quick-release rod-mount and a rapid tool-less gear swap mechanism.

New in/out motor ports pass data and power, allowing MOTR.X units to be daisy-chained from one motor to the next to reduce cable clutter on the rig.

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