Light Bridge Expands CRLS Reflector Line with Super White at IBC

At IBC, The Light Bridge introduced CRLS (Cine Reflect Lighting System), a revolutionary way of painting with light and shadow that pairs proprietary high efficiency reflectors with an optimized source to produce a concentrated natural looking beam of light that’s easier to control and modulate.

Integral to the system are The Light Bridge’s proprietary flat and smoothly polished, wrinkle-free, brushed aluminum CRLS C-Reflectors. They reflect up to 97 percent of the light hitting them, with 100 percent color rendering. Available in five sizes: 7x7 cm, 15x15 cm, 25x25 cm, 50x50 cm and 100x100 cm, they eliminate spill light, which cuts the need for frames or flags.

CRLS offers four different levels of reflectivity ranging from minimum to maximum diffusion. Inspired by a ray of sunlight, Black Punch Diffusion 1 is used to redirect light from one C-Reflector to another and forms a hard circular ray of light.

Inspired by the light that is emitted from a natural sky, Sky Blue Diffusion 2 provides directed diffused light with a punch and offers a medium circular ray of diffused light. On the other hand, Ambient Violet Diffusion 3 is reminiscent of a misty day and delivers a softer circular diffused ray.

IBC marks the worldwide introduction of the newest CRLS Reflector, Super White Diffusion 4. Made of a highly diffuse, extremely reflective micro structured optical material, Super White sets a new standard for energy efficient, controlled diffused light.

With 20 percent more reflectivity than its predecessor, Super White has a higher light intensity over the full surface it is illuminating with 98 percent total light reflection and only two percent loss. This results in very even light distribution, a softer look, and more wrap – ideal for beauty close ups, fill light or surfaces that benefit from very even light distribution.

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