​Veset Launches Cloud Scheduling Solution

Veset has a new scheduling and planning software-as-a-service module, Veset Altos. It is part of the Nimbus cloud playout platform.

Veset Altos is described as an entirely cloud-based linear channel scheduling system. As part of the Veset Nimbus cloud playout platform, it enables linear channels to move to a fully IP and cloud based workflow for origination and distribution.

CEO, Igor Krol, said: “After years of resistance, the linear TV origination and distribution market has started rapidly shifting to fully IP and cloud-based workflows and applications. However, despite planning and scheduling being at the heart of linear channel creation, the majority of scheduling solutions are tied to on-premise non-cloud legacy. This solution enables providers to move scheduling to the cloud and with that drastically reduce both costs and complexity.

“With Veset Nimbus and Veset Altos software-as-a-service, content owners looking to originate TV channels are not tied into long-term commitments and upfront investments. Broadcasters can reduce overall operational costs throughout the lifetime of a channel.”

Veset Nimbus cloud playout platform has been adopted by broadcasters and content providers in UK, France, Estonia, Latvia, India, and the UAE. 

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