The Content Everywhere Hub at IBC2018

The middle of Hall 14 will be a must-see destination for visitors to IBC2018 who need to put the Content Everywhere Hub on their convention schedule.

The Content Everywhere Hub in Hall 14.

The Content Everywhere Hub in Hall 14.

One of the most relevant experiences for attendees of IBC2018 held in Amsterdam from 13-18 September will be the Content Everywhere Hub which, over the middle 4 days (14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th), is going to include 10 expert panel discussions and 34 product demonstrations.

The reason for its relevance, as Ian Volans, producer of IBC2018’s Content Everywhere Hub explained to me during our pre-conference interview is, “Everyone is walking around with screens in their pockets these days, and the Content Everywhere Hub is focused on the convergence of broadcast and IP delivery of content, anywhere people want to receive it.”

Definitions vary for the marketing term 5G, but some predict a 1.4 Gbit/s median speed for a configuration using 28 GHz millimeter waves.

Definitions vary for the marketing term 5G, but some predict a 1.4 Gbit/s median speed for a configuration using 28 GHz millimeter waves.

Actually, as Volans put it, the whole Hall 14 is dedicated to the idea of Content Everywhere since it is filed with exhibits from companies devoted to serving the online environment in one form or another, be it OTT programming or Internet entertainment delivery.

The first of the panel discussions Volans has put together will take a look at the implications of the new 5G technology which eventually offers the potential of surpassing 1 GBs download speeds.

Why Content Everywhere?

Why Content Everywhere? "Because everyone has a screen in their pocket."

“We are hoping this will give visitors to the show an idea of how this will affect the mobile content industry,” Volans said. “We’ll also have people talking about 4K, especially based on their experiences delivering it from the recent FIFA World Cup over IP, and the emerging interest in VR (Virtual Reality) for both sports and entertainment.”

The 34 product demonstrations will take place on a stage in the middle of Hall 14, touching on aspects of the entire OTT distribution chain, ranging from online video platforms, to transcoding and streaming solutions, content security options and, perhaps most importantly, methods of monetizing these approaches.

Presenters will include representatives from small start-ups to some of the most prominent names in technology including Google, Alibaba, CSGi, Telia, Ooyala and Roku.

“Whether visitors are coming from the broadcast, Telco or technology sectors, the Content Everywhere Hub will be all about increasing their understanding of delivering their product over IP networks,” Volans finished up. “Spending some of their valuable time at IBC2018 in this area could be one of the most significant investments of their convention schedule.”

Just as a sample, among the speakers will be:

  • Bin Li, director of media services, Alibaba Cloud, who will give some behind-the-scenes insight to the live broadcasting of the World Cup this summer in China.
  • Žan Doberšek, open source software engineer at Igalia, who will analyze hardware platform support that enables the best web content experience.
  • Espen Erikstad, co-founder and chief operating officer of Norigin Media AS, who will provide a guide to navigating through the jungle of the OTT industry.
  • Nathalie Cagossi, general manager, The European Metadata Group who will discuss importance of providing local quality content to support the success of an operator, SVOD or OTT platform in Europe.
  • Kathleen Barrett, svp, enterprise and head of creator success at Vimeo who will be among several presenters talking about sustaining and scaling OTT businesses.

And that is only part of the line-up for just the first day of Content Everywhere Hub presenters.

The Content Everywhere Hub will be active on the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th of September in Hall 14 of the RAI, Amsterdam.

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