Bahama’s ILTV Studios Upgrades News Operations With Octopus

The main headquarters of production company ILTV Studios, in Nassau, The Bahamas, has a new Octopus Newsroom system. The NCRS is designed for simultaneous operation by up to 12 concurrent users working on a mix of computer platforms.

Gene Sudduth, Octopus Newsroom’s National Sales Director for North America, said the Bahamian news organization was looking to implement a fully featured NRCS as part of a major refurbishment of its production facilities. Key requirements included a solution that could be used easily by staff in the newsroom and that could be purchased on a permanent license model.

As part of the new installation project, ILTV also purchased 10 Octopus iOS/Android Mobile client licenses that allow users to access the main NRCS while they are away from their desks. 

ILTV Studios creates a full slate of news and entertainment programs.

ILTV Studios creates a full slate of news and entertainment programs.

The ILTV system includes a PostgreSQL database, a full-text search engine for searching within and outside the Octopus system, plus a built-in Assignment Desk with integrated calendar. As part of the overall system, they have also implemented also topic bins, user-to-user messaging, an address book, guest management and versatile script archiving tools.

Fernando Iglesias, vice president of Operations/Sales at Midtown Video, said his team also provided social media integration, including YouTube sourcing and scheduled publishing. Newsroom staff can also follow Twitter users, track trending topics on Twitter, search for Twitter keywords or publish text and images to Twitter. They can also ingest and publish text, still images and video to Facebook.

The Octopus 8 newsroom computer system at ILTV employs MOS integration with ChyronHego Camio graphics, Autocue QMaster teleprompting and a NewTek Tricaster/NewsMaker integrated production system.

ILTV Studios creates a full slate of new and entertainment programs, including “The Stew daytime talk TV show, “Chef if Up” and The Bahamas' first game show “The Big Bang.”

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