​Dejero And FileCatalyst Team For Faster Field To Base Transfer

Links maker Dejero and FileCatalyst, which makes file transfer solutions, are joining forces to enable broadcasters to move large data quickly, securely, and reliably between base and the field.

A combination of the Dejero GateWay mobile Internet connectivity solution and FileCatalyst Direct enables remote reporting teams to access their station's MAM systems—to source b-roll or background video—to create packaged reports, news clips, and to upload complete stories faster.

“FileCatalyst customers are used to fast transfers of broadcast-quality video content, but getting those files back to studio as quickly as possible in challenging field environments, where connectivity and bandwidth are an issue, is now possible with the Dejero GateWay solution,” said Elton Carneiro, director of strategic partnerships and cloud services at FileCatalyst. “It was difficult for us to find a solution to match the speed of file transfers our customers are used to, but Dejero GateWay has proven to be the exception, and this partnership takes fast file transfers in the field to a whole new level.”

Dejero GateWay provides field crews with reliable, high throughput connectivity to quickly and easily upload and download large files to and from MAM systems, private networks, and cloud services. Crews can spend more time in the field, covering more news stories and live events, and less time commuting back and forth between assignments.”

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