Suitcase TV Ramps Up IP Broadcast Tech

Suitcase TV has a range of IP-based solutions on show including the Iphrame Flyaway and Remote Commentary.

Taking the Iphrame Flyaway first, this solution offers centralised production of outside broadcasts and other live events. Slo-mo functionality has been added for instant playback of key moments, while the addition of Talkback allows communication between commentators and supervisor at the touch of a button. 

“The technology enables more flexible working arrangements for equipment (virtualisation as well as traditional hardware) and for staff who can work from home, reducing the need for large central office facilities,” says Suitcase TV’s technical director, David Atkins. “As a result, broadcasters can generate greater amounts of quality content while reducing opex.”

Whereas commentators traditionally work at the event site, Iphrame Remote Commentary means that they can work from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection. Using a proxy stream and TimeLock to ensure synchronicity, the commentary perfectly matches the action.

Iphrame Capture, launched on AWS Marketplace, lets the user access live web streams through any web-enabled device including tablets and smartphones. The user can then record the stream and either store it for future use or send it directly to a third party editing suite such as Avid or Adobe.

Also at IBC2018 is continuous recording solution, Clipper. This helps broadcasters and playout centres fulfill their compliance obligations while offering tools to make it easy to edit recorded content for reuse. The system can work with inputs in SDI, ASI, and IP, and can make recordings in high resolution or browse quality depending on how the content is to be used in future.

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