International Champions Cup Adds Localized Virtual Ads To Live Broadcast

The International Champions Cup is a pre-season football (soccer) event featuring some of Europe’s biggest clubs. To best utilize the on-field ads that reach football fans around the world, production company Catalyst Media teamed up with Vizrt to insert region specific virtual cam carpets–tied to field virtual advertisements–during the live broadcasts of each match.

Catalyst Media acquires, creates, and develops international and Asian sports properties. For their local Singapore feed, Catalyst Media used a “Singapore” advertisement, while simultaneously using a “Lovebet” ad for the international feed. Using Viz Arena to insert these ads allowed Catalyst Media to place the ads on the pitch virtually, without the need of additional hardware in the stadium. The matches were broadcast live in 179 countries.

According to those involved, at no time throughout the games was there drifting or any disturbance in the advertisements. Viz Arena’s calibration is the result of the product's feature-based referencing technology. A simple interface allows a single operator to set up an ad for a live game in less than ten minutes. Unlike systems based upon mechanical tracking, no hardware is required in the stadium. A single system can handle four separate feeds, each with a separate ad, with the option to easily expand the number of feeds by adding additional systems.

 Viz Arena is also capable of driving AR graphics and includes live 3D analysis tools that are ideal for video assisted referee systems. The software only requires raw footage while the graphics and ads are inserted downstream from a remote facility.

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