Tedial To Show Live Sports Production Solution

Media Asset Management (MAM) specialist Tedial is highlighting three main solutions at the IBC 2018 Show, including its SmartLive sports production solution.

In fact, this IBC show marks the European debut of SmartLive (after being shown at the NAB Show in April). Tedial’s live sports production solution supports remote logging, PAM support and automated storytelling. It also leverages AI tools for improved workflows and provides 100 per cent compatibility with existing Production Asset Management (PAM) systems like those from EVS and SAM.

Tedial will also demonstrate its Hyper IMF MAM, which supports IMF formats for ingest, archive and delivery. New at IBC, it will be shown automatic leader insertion, incorporating all elements required for each platform (bars/clock etc.). It also now includes automatic localization based on delivery profile. This allows credits and text for every language to be added automatically.

Then there’s Evolution aStorm, which is an object-based storage environment (multi-site, horizontal) that manages storage tiers across departments and locations. Highly scalable and reliable, it allows users to quickly adapt their investments when technology changes or when storage costs decrease.

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