Lowepro Introduces Hardside Equipment Packs

Lowepro has introduced the Hardside series packs, which offer serious security and major impact protection for all camera gear.

Lowepro said the Hardside bags are available in four sizes — the CS 20, 40, 60 and 80. The Hardside packs can accommodate a wide range of equipment, from point-and-shoot cameras to small drones.

Each Hardside pack features a compression-molded FormShell exterior to provide rugged but lightweight protection. To make traveling even easier, all but the CS 20 come with a voyage-friendly grab handle. Instead of a handle, the smaller CS 20 features a handy shoulder harness that allows the bag to be carried.

The Hardside packs also feature padded interiors to help protect gear and a stretch pocket for storing cords and cables. The three larger sizes include removable dividers that customize how the equipment is organized, while the CS 20 features a single open-cell interior.

The prices ranges from $19.95 to $39.95.

Lowepro Hardside CS 80

Lowepro Hardside CS 80

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