CueScript to Launch Management Console at IBC 2018

CueScript will unveil its new management console while also showcasing other solutions for the first time in Europe at IBC 2018. The console provides an innovative way to manage prompting resources across multiple facilities.

The CueScript Management Console (CMC) allows news managers to manage and monitor all CueScript prompting resources on a network, regardless of their location. Every CueiT prompting application will be able to report all of its capabilities to the CMC, including settings, options, titles of each setting, resources available and more. The CMC then renders this information in an easy-to-use interface. The system operates on open API, allowing other third party broadcast network control systems the ability to configure, manage and monitor prompting systems via control profiles.

Other products to be highlighted in the company's stand include the CueB openGear card. This is an alternative to the current CueB product that forms the hub of the CueScript teleprompting setup. The CueB openGear card brings new levels of integration to studio builds by reducing the required physical footprint of a system. Up to 10 prompting channels can be housed in just 2U of rack space.

Visitors also can see the CueiT Messaging Centre software on display, which allows messages to be configurable via the prompting Styles Menu. Messages are then displayed in an easy-to-read format on the prompter.

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