DVEO DOZERbox II IP IP is an end-to-end error correcting router

DOZERbox II IP IP is a compact end-to-end Error Correcting Router.

The DOZERbox II IP IP is a compact end-to-end Error Correcting Router for smoothing UDP traffic over the public internet. The solution provides built-in packet recovery algorithms to eliminate packet loss and resultant video freezes.

The new DOZERbox II IPIP uses DVEO's patent pending "DOZER" UDP Video Packet Recovery Technology enabling reliable high quality video delivery over public internet or so-so private lines. It does not add jitter or noise, and does not increase bandwidth consumption like FEC. It is perfect for delivering critical video over congested public backbones. 

The technology is also available as a software license -- the Media Dozer: LIC, or in a one RU system -- the DOZER Racks IP IP. The DOZERbox II IP IP is the winner of a 2014 Society of Broadcast Engineers Technology Award.

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