TeamCast DTV News for IBC 2018

Terrestrial broadcasting is the focus of the TeamCast IBC 2018 exhibit, including announcing several significant business successes and new products.

TeamCast will host a demonstration of the Convergence TV Project at IBC 2018. Convergence TV is research project working on hybrid delivery of advanced TV services, using an all-IP broadcast delivery as mainstream and broadband add-ons for a better Quality of Experience, immersivity or interactivity.

In a first step, the project chose ATSC 3.0 as the all IP hybrid delivery system for the first demos. It shows how a regular HDTV broadcast service can be upgraded into a premium UHD TV service with a broadband connection. At IBC 2018, the Convergence TV project is demonstrating the same all-IP hybrid delivery using DVB-T2 as the broadcast delivery path rather than ATSC3.0 PHY. It is a world’s first.

UHD Tests Down Under

TeamCast recently provided a TWISTER DVB-T2 exciter and associated support for tests and trials by Broadcast Australia (a BAI Communications Company) and Free TV. The project is evaluating next generation broadcast technology for Australia. The objective is to have a second-generation system able to broadcast 4K TV content, which the first-generation system built in 2001 and based on DVB-T cannot.

The project includes both laboratory testing and field trials to determine candidate operating modes for the future system and to verify interoperability of multiple-vendors equipment for single frequency network (SFN) operation.

New Terrestrial Digital TV Exciter

TWISTER II comes as a ready-to-use stand-alone DTV rack exciter, specifically designed for straightforward simple integration inside new and existing DTV transmitters. It comes as a multi-standard platform supporting DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/TBand DTMB waveforms. This second-generation TWISTER implements an extended number of Ethernet ports (7 ports) to meet Broadcaster’s expectation for smooth transition from TS/ASI interfaces to IP. TWISTER II also integrates a specific control port dedicated for N+1 transmitter redundancy implementation.

Turnkey Solution for ATSC 3.0 Single Frequency Network

With TeamCast being part of the ENENSYS group since mid-2017, the ENENSYS gateway/scheduler (“ATSCheduler”) and its ATSC 3.0 exciter (VORTEX II) are fully interoperable, and come together as a straightforward and ready-to-deploy solution.

The ATSCheduler is responsible for preparing and time-stamping the content stream to be distributed to the transmitter sites, via the STL interface. At each transmitter site, the Vortex II exciter receives the STL data stream and generates the corresponding RF signal. Vortex II also integrates all key features to drive the RF power part of the transmitter, such as Digital Adaptive Pre-correction, power measurements and Automatic Gain Control. It guarantees a high level of efficiency and flexibility for the transmission operator.

New Pro DVB-S2X satellite demod

Neptune is a 1RU DVB-S2X satellite demodulator that offers unprecedented support of some advanced modes of the DVB-S2X standard. Specifically, Neptune can demodulate signals ranging from QPSK to 256 APSK and from 100 kbaud to 500 Mbaud, offering a high operational flexibility. NEPTUNE has two separate RF inputs and two separate demods that allow reception of two different satellite transponders and offer robustness against signal loss.

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