Sencore Intros New IP Solutions

The Sencore VB 440 UI provides users a deeper view into IP video and its infrastructure.

Sencore recently introduced two new test & measurement products designed for IP video.

The VB440 appliance with Instruments View enables full insight into IP-based uncompressed SMPTE2110 and SMPTE2022-6 media. With its extreme precision, capability for understanding real-time packet transports, deep analysis of the content transported over IP and detailed video/audio/ancillary data insight, the user will have a full understanding of the performance of the their underlying infrastructure.

Based around the Software IP Probe and backed by years of IP experience, the VB440 appliance provides up to dual-100Gb Ethernet connectivity and can be switched in steps from 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G giving industry-leading performance. Up to 4 parallel interfaces analyze media in realtime and provide results via the web-based HTML5 user interface. This UI can be utilized on standard workstations or with a touchscreen tablet using the innovative aluminum housings designed specifically for the broadcast studio industry.

Experience real-time source selection with quick access programmable buttons or select from any flow present on the network. Content monitoring and analytics, including HDR colorimetry and multichannel audio analysis, can be done on any digital video/ audio combination with resolutions from SD to HD and even UHD. The Instruments View for the IP Probe is a future-proof device capable of analysis in any IP-based architecture.

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