Quicklink Takes on Riedel Skype TX Support In New Cooperative Deal

IP distribution and video call specialist Quicklink has entered into a partnership with Riedel Communications to provide ongoing support for the German intercom manufacturer’s STX-200 Skype TX product.

Under the arrangement, Quicklink will take over after sales service for the Riedel STX-200, including hotline technical advice and repairs for units still in warranty and those that have gone beyond their guarantee period.

Riedel has now discontinued the STX-200, which provided Skype TX call and contribution facilities for its systems. A single 19-inch, 1RU unit is able to sustain two independent Skype channels, with full duplex input and output capability for both HD and SDI signals. Other features include balanced and embedded audio ins and outs, compliance with the AES67 audio over IP interoperability standard, GPI inputs/outputs, genlock input and control software for managing STX-200 devices on a network.

Quicklink produces its own Quicklink TX product, which incorporates Microsoft's Skype TX engine. It also manufactures the Quicklink TX Duo, a two-call Skype TX hardware platform. Commenting on the new relationship with Riedel, Quicklink chief executive Richard Rees said, "This partnership marks an exciting time for both Riedel and ourselves. Quicklink is committed to the support and continued development of the Skype TX products and this partnership facilitates both companies to focus on their future growth strategies in a complementary way."

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