NEP Sweden Rolls Out XT4K Servers In New UHD-1 HDR OB Truck For 2018 IIHF Championship

NEP Sweden, a division of NEP Europe, has selected EVS XT4K ChannelMAX servers to drive the ingest, playout, slow motion replay and highlights production within its new UHD-1 OB truck. The mobile production unit was used for the first time for live coverage of the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship from the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

UHD-1 is NEP’s largest OB vehicle in Europe and features an integrated workflow of the latest UHD-4K, 1080p and HDR technologies. Later this summer, the XT4K servers will be upgraded to new XT-VIA servers as they start shipping. The 28 tonne truck carries 24+ Grass Valley LDK-86N camera channels, with a Grass Valley Karrera and K-frame 4 M/E main production switcher and a Korona single M/E second switcher. A Lawo mc256 provides audio mixing, with Riedel Artist comms and a Mediornet router. The systems are managing with a VSM controller.

Designed to cover the highest profile events across northern Europe, the solution was deployed for the first time to produce live coverage of the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship from the Royal Arena in Copenhagen where Sweden won the gold medal. The company provided the tournament’s host broadcasting services for Host Broadcast Services (HBS), and for which it used 30 cameras, five of which were triple-speed super motion, and all recording in 1080p50 Full HD.

The XT4K ChannelMAX servers installed within UHD-1 ingested all the live camera feeds and were used to create the most engaging replays and highlights for ice hockey fans around the world. The solution also featured XFile3 systems from EVS, which were used to efficiently manage all file flow requirements of the live production.

All the games, which were produced in 1080p50, were ingested and archived with the XT4K and XFile3 systems using AVC-Intra. XFile3 was also used to instantly export clips and highlights created by LSM operators during the live to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the host broadcaster for online and social media publication.

Following the event, NEP Sweden’s UHD-1 will also become one of the first OBs to benefit from the installation of EVS’ next-generation server – XT-VIA. The new server features up to six channels of UHD-4K and ChannelMAX allows 12-plus channels of HD and Full-HD, so service providers like NEP can operate more efficiently, producing programming in whatever format and resolution is required by broadcasters and rights holders.

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