​Nika-TV Plays Out With R&S Venice

Regional Russian broadcaster, Nika-TV has installed Rohde & Schwarz video server Venice to cope with studio production and playout operations.

Nika-TV, which serves the Kaluga region, is a satellite TV and radio broadcaster. It is using the R&S kit for ingest and playout of four channels, as well as feeding a large videowall in the main production studio. 

The product’s multi-format record and playback capabilities mean that Nika-TV can process virtually all incoming content irrespective of whether it was shot using an HD camcorder or a smartphone. Using the server’s H.264 codec, engineers can take this content and optimise the picture quality and storage volume, whilst selecting the most appropriate bit-rate. Each server can store up to 6TB of data, so the studios have large capacity and ultra-fast storage facilities at their fingertips.

“Our selection of R&S Venice was driven by the high quality and reliability of these video server systems. With it, our programme producers have complete confidence that all material created in the studios is recorded and aired exactly as they wish.”
Sergey Trubitsin, General Director at Nika-TV.

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