​Facilis Announces Hub Server Customers

Facilis says its Hub Server, described as a performance aggregator, has been deployed at NBC Universal Marketing, Sony Pictures Animation, the School of Visual Arts, NYC and by Denver Broncos.

“With our TerraBlock and Hub Server system, the storage space can be used much more effectively,” commented Marc Czessack, Head of Technical Post at another customer, Schnittwerk in Germany. “This means that no copies and versions have to be created and the individual workstations can also be used more flexibly for several applications. Most workflows have been simplified and automated in many ways. There are certainly cheaper solutions available, but they are far from being as flexible and fast.”

The appliance increases the bandwidth available from standard Facilis TerraBlock storage systems. It gives new customers a way to scale bandwidth through “dynamic aggregation” and current customers a way to extend the usable life of older systems.

“Ever increasing media file sizes with 4K and HDR workflows are continually putting pressure on facility infrastructure,” said James McKenna, VP of Marketing. “The Hub Server is focused on protecting customers’ current storage investment while providing the most future-proof new systems available.”

Other takers include NBC Universal in London, Story House Media Group in Munich and Intel Corporation.

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