Boland Unveils New HD/HDR Confidence Monitor

Boland Communications has introduced a new series of HD video monitors that include a comprehensive feature set for critical HDR viewing. The new PBM12-HDR is a 12-inch, Pro DayBright HDR monitor that features 2000 nits for excellent viewability, even in high ambient light. It is also available in sizes of 18-, 21-, 24-, 32-, 42-, 46-, and 55-inches.

Other new features across the new Boland line include: 3G SDI, HDMI, Composite/Component Inputs; SMPTE ST 2084 PQ & Hybrid Log Gamma; Color Compare of two color spaces simultaneously; Factory-calibrated to SMPTE Rec 709 Color Space; Custom LUT import via USB; Camera Log Conversion: Log C, SLog2, SLog3; Log Loop-out; Waveform (SD and HDR), Vector Scope, Audio Meters/De-embed; Focus Assist, False Color (including ARRI), Fast Mode; Time code; H/V delay; and support for multiple aspect ratios.

With a 12-bit color processor, the monitors utilize a standard light source, a Light Emitting Diode (GBr LED) Backlight system and an LED display life of approximately 30,000 hours.

Using both AC and DC (12-volt) power, the 12-inch model weighs about five pounds. Inputs include 3G SDI, HD SDI (/SMPTE 425 AB, 274, 296, 2048, 125, ITU R-BT) and up to 2160p HDMI.

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