Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Mini Records H.264 Video

HyperDeck Studio Mini is a miniaturized professional deck that records and plays back broadcast quality 10-bit video using commonly available SD and UHD-II cards.

Now, in addition to ProRes, HyperDeck Studio Mini can record video in the popular H.264 format. That makes it ideal for customers who want high quality, long-form recording in a small file. 

Blackmagic's deck is the perfect recorder for live multi-camera production, or as an ISO recorder, where the files will be edited later. HyperDeck Studio Mini is also a powerful clip player for playback directly to air, or even as a client preview deck in a conference room.

Multiple decks can be locked together for playback, making it ideal for high resolution signage that requires multiple screens. The separate fill and key SDI outputs support animated broadcast graphics with an alpha channel for keying over live video with a live production switcher, all in real time.

The solution features dual SD card recorders, professional connections, Ethernet, built in power and much more, all miniaturized into an elegant 5.5 inch wide compact and modular design. The unit can be rack mounted using an optional Teranex Mini Rack shelf and combined with additional modules to create a customized deck.

When working with analog material, the deck can be fitted with a Teranex Mini Analog-to-SDI converter on the input and a Teranex Mini SDI-to-Analog converter on the output to create an analog deck. To build a record deck with eight mirrored outputs, use it with a Teranex Mini SDI Distribution 12G amplifier.

HyperDeck Studio Mini features dual media slots for non-stop recording. When a record card becomes full, the deck automatically switches to the second card. Operators need never worry about missing an important shot. Each card slot has an indicator light showing the status of each solid-state card. Both card slots use separate PCB’s so either can be replaced if the slot ever becomes worn out from heavy use.

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