Deltacast Presents New Video Capture Innovation

Deltacast has announced their newly developed FLEX family of interfaces. An innovative solution for handling video, the cards present a totally new level of video capture and playout, while providing extended options in terms of density, scalability and flexibility.

Adding to Deltacast's standard families of capture and playout cards, the new video interface hardware is based on a gateway PCI Express card and on external video modules. The gateway enables users to connect to eight modules in parallel using a single PCI Express slot.

The first available modules will be the FLEX-DP 10, offering one DisplayPort 1.2 input; the FLEX-3G 40, hosting four 3G-SDI inputs; and the FLEX-HMI 10, featuring one HDMI 2.0 input.

Interface modules can be switched without touching the PC enclosure. Their versatile mechanical design allows for use as external boxes, with the option of integration within a product chassis, or within an independent expansion rack.

Support by the VideoMaster SDK means that integration for this new solution is similar to using traditional video cards. The cards have the ability to capture up to 8 UHD/4K sources (or even up to 32 HD feeds). Additionally, the solution allows users to combine SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces.

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