Manfrotto Adds New Tripods to its Traveler Line

Manfrotto has added three new premium tripods for travel videography and photography applications. The new models are the Befree Live Carbon Fiber, Befree Advanced Carbon Fiber and the Befree GT.

Manfrotto’s Befree Live Carbon Fiber

Manfrotto’s Befree Live Carbon Fiber

Manfrotto’s Befree Live Carbon Fiber is a lightweight, ergonomic video travel tripod built to record video footage using DSLRs, compact system cameras or small camcorders. This model’s small size and minimal three pound weight does not compromise sturdiness or image quality.

The tripod features carbon fiber legs providing excellent performance, support and rigidity. It has a leveling column allowing for a horizontal setup on uneven surfaces. This model features the a Live Fluid Head, which has a fluid drag system on pan and tilt helping to keep the camera perfectly balanced.

Manfrotto said its Befree Advanced Carbon Fiber travel tripod has the same features but without the leveling column. The Befree GT travel tripod is available in aluminum and carbon fiber with an ergonomic design, inherited from the Advanced model. It folds down to 17 inches and supports up to 22 pounds of equipment.

The Advanced Carbon Fiber GT and Aluminum versions along wtih the GT Carbon Fiber are now available. The Befree Live Carbon Fiber will be available late June.

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