Blueshape Creates New Battery Mount for ARRI Alexa LF Camera

To address the demanding power requirements of the ARRI Alexa LF camera, Blueshape has created a battery mount that allows standard V-Mount or Three Stud batteries to be used to power the camera.

Blueshape introduced the MVAL-LF adapter, which powers the ARRI Alexa LF camera at the proper voltage using conventional V-Lock batteries. This means standard 14.4 volt high-draw batteries are sufficient to power the camera.

The MVAL-LF is installed on the back of the camera and provides a regulated 21- volts to the camera from standard V-Lock batteries. It also doubles as a secondary power source when the camera is powered from external DC sources.

Since the camera needs power in excess of 160 watts, Blueshape suggests using batteries that can meet that standard. The company also introduced the new HDplus series of a batteries in V-Lock and Three Stud configurations that meets this requirement.

The HDplus batteries can discharge up to 20 amps, more than 200 watts, without safety issues. They new batteries can power an Alexa LF up to 120 minutes.

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