Brazil’s Epah Estúdios Takes SSL System T On The Road

Epah Estúdios, a live broadcast audio mixing production company in São Paulo, Brazil, has hit the road with a new production truck that features a Solid State Logic (SSL) System T broadcast audio production console with Dante audio-over-IP networking and I/O capability.

Epah Estúdios provides live mixing, recording, and production services to the Brazilian broadcast industry, as well as pre and postproduction and authoring of DVDs and CDs. Its main client is Globosat, a leading multichannel cable and satellite TV service, and subsidiary of Grupo Globo.

Marcelo Freitas, Technical Manager at Epah, said that they wanted a console that represented “something different, something new in the broadcast world.”

​Epah Estúdios' new UMA-5 truck is used for production and post of live TV events, DVDs and CDs.

​Epah Estúdios' new UMA-5 truck is used for production and post of live TV events, DVDs and CDs.

The new UMA-5 truck now has an SSL System T as its main control surface. It’s a three-bay, 48-fader S500, connected to dual redundant T80 800-path Tempest audio engines. It also includes Dante I/O networking connected to primary and secondary (redundant) Ethernet networks via COTS 52-port Cisco switches in the truck.

There are two stage racks available, each with three SSL Network I/O: SB.i16 and two SSL Network I/O SB 8.8 stageboxes, all with dual redundant Ethernet connectivity. This gives a total stage capacity of 128 inputs and 32 outputs. Additional Dante I/O from a range of manufacturers is available on the truck, as are two SSL Network I/O: MADI Bridge units, for interfacing existing MADI infrastructure with the Dante Network.

Most recently, Epah had three live broadcast trucks at the Lollapalooza festival in São Paulo (Autodromo de Interlagos), including the new UMA-5, broadcasting live across Brazil via the Multishow channel, Bis (HD music-orientated channel), and live streaming services.

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