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Insys Video Technologies Powers Enhanced OTT Service for ORS Subsidiary simpliTV

When it was time to enhance simpliTV’s OTT service, Austrian broadcaster ORS chose the InsysPLAY platform. The OTT playout solution is now providing simpliTV viewers with a richer, distinctive user experience and expanded selection of content across a broader range of consumer devices. ORS gains an extensible foundation to support future features and growth.

Insys simpliTV multiscreen interface.

Insys simpliTV multiscreen interface.

simpliTV customers previously had access to eight basic channels of streaming video, which were only available on iOS and Android devices. The new InsysPLAY-powered simpliTV OTT service enables viewers to watch more than 40 live channels from multiple providers on a wide array of platforms that can range from tablets and mobile phones to TVs and web browsers. New features include catch-up TV, nPVR, pause/resume across multiple devices, and intelligent content recommendations.

The InsysPLAY platform is a flexible, modular OTT solution that enables media enterprises to easily manage, monetize, distribute and promote their content through client-branded websites and apps. For the simpliTV project, Insys supplied a complete OTT package of back-end and front-end application software, server hardware, Dell EMC storage systems and eight instances of the AWS Elemental Delta video delivery platform.

InsysPLAY also monitors the ORS AWS Elemental Live encoders while interfacing seamlessly with simpliTV’s existing business subscriber and E-commerce systems. Complementing the InsysPLAY platform’s built-in analytics, the simpliTV deployment also integrates with Nice People at Work's YOUBORA suite to provide ORS with advanced visualization and business intelligence.

"The simpliTV project is one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich projects we have deployed to date,” said Insys CEO Krzysztof Bartkowski. “By opting for our proven and flexibly configurable platform rather than a fully-custom implementation, ORS was able to launch the service with confidence and will benefit from ongoing enhancements as we develop new features. We’re thrilled that ORS placed their trust in us, and proud of the end result that we’ve delivered.”

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