OpenDrives Announces New and Improved 2018 Product Range

OpenDrives has announced its 2018 lineup of shared network-attached storage (NAS) solutions. The range features a breadth of offerings across market tiers, including two all-new offerings designed to be accessible to small teams and mid-sized editors, visual effects artists, colorists and graphic artists.

Debuting Accessible Professional-Grade Offerings

Addressing the rapid growth of the small to mid-size market, OpenDrives has released two all-new professional-grade offerings: Pinnacle hybrid storage and Alta all-flash storage that allow smaller teams to collaborate on very large files in near-real time. Pinnacle is a powerful hybrid HDD/NVMe storage solution featuring up to 288TB capacity and UHD ProRes 422 LT/UHD ProRes XQ/DNxHR HQ/R3D 4KFF 8:1 compression stream counts, delivering up to 5GB/s aggregate throughput. Alta, an affordable high-performance all-flash storage product, features up to 144TB capacity and 3-streams of 4K Uncompressed UHD 10-bit stream counts, delivering up to 10GB/second aggregate throughput performance.

Redesigned and Significantly Upgraded Performance Offerings

The OpenDrives product range also includes the enterprise-level Apex, Summit and Ridgeview systems designed to address a multitude of high-demand big data workflow environments. Summit is a powerful hybrid HDD/NVMe storage solution featuring up to multiple PB capacity, UHD 10-bit uncompressed performance and up to 9GB/second aggregate throughput via a new media accelerator driving extreme low latency and strikingly faster loading, scrubbing and other operational performance. Apex is OpenDrives’ extreme performance all-flash storage solution, featuring up to multiple PB capacity, a 6 UHD 10-bit stream count and market-leading 18GB/second aggregate throughput capability. Finally, the highly-upgraded Ridgeview is the company’s enterprise flexible high-density storage solution for active archive featuring up to multiple PB capacity, ideal for use as a backup tier working with OpenDrives’ OmniBackup multi-threaded fully-checksummed backup engine delivering 4TB per hour of secure backups.

Newly Designed and Optimized Storage Operating System

Keeping with major shifts in its product offerings, OpenDrives has released Atlas, a new Omni-Management operating system to replace its prior storage O/S, Opus. Atlas features capabilities to optimize performance and protect data, such as OmniDrive native media accelerator, OmniLogic predictive data usage analysis and OmniIntent, an intent-based bandwidth distributor, among many other optimization-focused functions.

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