WideOrbit Acquires Castfire

WideOrbit acquires Castfire and will integrate it into the Abacast Clarity platform.

WideOrbit a provider of advertising management software for media companies, has acquired Castfire, a video and audio publishing platform for managing and monetizing on-demand media content. The acquisition is part of WideOrbit’s ongoing initiative to expand its digital offering to help major media clients drive new revenue.

The integration of Castfire with the Abacast Clarity platform (acquired by WideOrbit in June 2014) will create the first digital on-demand content solution with the capability to dynamically target and insert advertisements based on parameters like device type, geography, day-parting and others.

“Interest in on-demand content is skyrocketing, especially for podcasts,” said Eric R. Mathewson, founder and chief executive officer for WideOrbit. “In response, we acquired the market-leading technology for managing and monetizing on-demand content. Every programmer, both terrestrial and digital, benefits from having a simple way to reach a larger audience and drive more revenue from its content. By integrating Castfire with Clarity, audio and video broadcasters, streaming radio providers and podcasters will have a comprehensive solution that no other platform can offer for driving revenue from both on-demand content and live streams.”

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