Custom Consoles Outfit Sweden’s Largest TV Production Facility

Custom Consoles has supplied five new control room desks for NEP Sweden’s television production facility on the outskirts of Stockholm.

The new facility is Sweden’s top location for large productions, including several of Sweden’s most popular shows. It includes 200 square meters of space, two large production desks, eight 55 inch multi-viewers, one 5.1 audio room, one engineering room and a central apparatus room. The first show produced in the new facility was “Stjärnornas stjärna” (Star stars) on March 17.

Jens Envall, NEP Sweden’s technical director, said the new control rooms replace existing OB vehicles that were previously used for technical supervision of three studios—with Studio 1 being the largest such production studio in Sweden. The complete system is designed to operate in both HD and UHD.

The Camera Control suite features a 3.1 meter wide desk with six 4 RU-high sloping equipment bays and is used to control incoming camera feeds.

The Camera Control suite features a 3.1 meter wide desk with six 4 RU-high sloping equipment bays and is used to control incoming camera feeds.

All five desks are based on Custom Consoles’ Module-R series but have been customized to provide a wider worktop surface. The two largest desks are 5.154 meters (approx. 17-feet) wide with 10 3 RU-high sloping-front equipment bays positioned along the desktop rear. These are assigned as front and rear control desks for the production gallery. A Grass Valley Karrera production switcher control panel is set into the front desk.

The third desk is a 3.1-meter (10 foot) wide unit with six 4 RU-high sloping equipment bays, deployed to control incoming camera feeds. This includes a support frame accommodating a four-wide by two-high monitor array mounted direct to the rear of the desk.

Desks four and five are a mirror-image design configured as left and right audio control workstations, according to Gary Fuller, Custom Consoles' sales manager. Each of these is 2.1 meters (approx. 7 feet) wide and equipped with two 3 RU-high sloping-front equipment bays. All five desktops are finished in a leatherette effect laminate. Side panels are in oak-veneered MDF with a stained finish.

European system integrators Broadcast Solutions GmbH completed the technical furniture and equipment installation in just two months from the start of detailed planning to commissioning.

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