Articles You May Have Missed – May 2, 2018

With the 2018 NAB show closed, attendees and exhibitors reflect on both business and technology.

Mergers and acquisitions continue, which victors may love. But their customers wonder what that could mean for products and support.  The article, Significant M&A Activity Still to Come, provides insightful research into that crystal ball.

A second theme was clear at this year’s broadcast show, IP technology. While it can provide features and functions, engineers are not always familiar with how to best use it. Consultant Tony Orme provides his continuing series of articles and tutorials on IP technology. In the article, Understanding IP Networks - Production Crews and IP, he reviews some of the benefits IP technology brings to remote production. 

Traditional broadcast kit industry dwarfed by IT.

Traditional broadcast kit industry dwarfed by IT.

The traditional broadcast equipment industry is in a state of flux, with continual consolidation on the media customer side impacting M&A on the vendor side. The IABM recently reported a slight increase in sales but a worrying decline in profit growth, running at 75.9% of the December 2016 level. On the cusp of NAB 2018, IABM CEO Peter White shares his perspective on where the market is now and where it is headed.

Learn more about the association’s latest business research and what it predicts for 2018 in the article, Significant M&A Activity Still to Come.

The broadcast side of (baby boomers) is the point where the creative arts and technology meet.

It’s different from any other discipline and needs to operate at an optimum level. One component in that efficiency is to help artisans, producers, and creatives build a deeper technical understanding of their craft when their platforms move to IP.

With broadcast IP just in its infancy, we have many challenges ahead of us, not just with integration and making it work reliably, but also with a plethora of operational questions. See the article, Understanding IP Networks - Production Crews and IP - Part 22 and help your crews better understand IP and where it can improve workflows. 

Did you miss the 2018 NAB exhibition? See The Broadcast Bridge for hundreds of new products displayed in Las Vegas. Special pre and post-show coverage is live on our website. Get the latest new product and technology information along with the latest announcements from the NAB show floor right here.

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