Arri Introduces SkyPanel Firmware Updates

Arri introduced new firmware updates for its SkyPanel LED light that expands the capabilities and offers refined levels of control.

With Extended Color Control in SkyPanel Firmware 4, Arri said the user picks a starting color such as a digital gel, HSI value or color temperature and has control of eight new color adjustments to push the color in the desired direction. These color parameters include warmer/cooler, saturate/desaturate, +/- red, +/- green, +/- blue, +/- cyan, +/- magenta, +/- yellow. These controls are available via the onboard control panel or DMX.

Every SkyPanel is made up of one or more light engines. The S60 has two light engines while the S360 has twelve light engines. SkyPanel Firmware 4 allows the user to control individual light engines via new DMX modes. Each light engine acts as its own mini SkyPanel with parameters like CCT & RGBW, HSI, or x,y coordinates.

SkyPanel’s range of lighting effects is expanding with SkyPanel Firmware 4. Explosion, welding, process and fluorescent flicker have been added to the lineup for a new total of 17 pre-programmed lighting effects.

Arri announced three new versions of the EB MAX ballast to complete its high-speed, electronic ballast range. Arri debuted the EB MAX 2.5/4, the EB MAX 6/9, and the EB MAX 12/18; a new range that accommodates power classes, from 575 up to 18,000 watts.

Also at NAB, Arri expanded its range of Pro Camera Accessories. The tough and adaptable Arri Unit Bags II are perfect for transporting camera gear and accessories. A fully padded interior and reinforced edges provide ample protection from the rigors of life on set.

All bags are covered in waterproof fabric, with an additional waterproof rain cover for use in extreme weather conditions. As this is detachable, it can also be used to protect other pieces of equipment.

Finally, SanDisk introduced a custom Arri Edition 512 GB Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Memory Card for Amira and Alexa Mini cameras.

The Arri edition 512 GB Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 memory card by SanDisk has been customized. This ensures that customers can buy cards with ARRI-certified compatibility over extended periods of time. The SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 card combines the speed, capacity and performance needed to record cinema-quality 4K footage.

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